Dragon Age Inquisition – Nightmare Tips

Okay, I’m writing at least one of the myriad of things I’ve promised to write since, oh, forever ago. Since I still see requests for help with tackling Inquisition’s nightmare difficulty on the places I lurk, because God forbid I ever try to involve myself in communities again, online or otherwise (I’m ignoring the irony of me posting this and actually liking the bits of chat I’ve had on WordPress but I think it’s because WordPress has a less intense audience compared to, say, reddit or Tumblr)…

But anyway, since there’s that new DLC coming on Tuesday, I figure I might as well do this post today. It might help to know that I did this as a Rift Mage, but this might be good advice for anyone rolling through the game. Spoiler-free too.

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Writing 101: Fear and the Shadow Temple


Let’s ignore topics about adult fears.  Justified fears, like the fear of disease, the fear of flight and/or driving, and the fears that arise from day-to-day life…We will sidestep that whole mess of fears grounded in reality.  We’re talking about what terrified a child today, with an innocent fear of something that did not have its fingers in reality, just of a place in a video game.  It is the reason why it took her two years to beat Ocarina of Time, released on the Nintendo 64 back in 1998.

Shadow Temple Entrance

Christ almighty, I hate this place.

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Freedom for the Player

In the spring of 2011, with the hum of a new gaming machine near my leg, I grabbed the first Mass Effect game from Steam.  Given I was a huge fan of Bioware’s Baldur’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic, I was intrigued by their foray into an original science fiction setting.  Part of me was worried that the “shooty aspects” of the game would not click with me; I’ve never enjoyed shooters, though I have tried a number of them.  With these past experiences in the back of my mind, I launched the game with an open mind and an intent to focus on the adventure.

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8/21/2014 – In Adoration of Sound

I think part of the reason why I cite both video games and literature with equal importance in terms of my development as a writer is because my appreciation of both mediums is in a symbiotic relationship.  That is, literary archetypes and motifs better illuminate my comprehension of the expression of the same structures in a video game.  Likewise, the more sensory elements of video games, most strongly sound, can color one’s internal perception of a story they’re reading, thereby further immersing the reader.  The line between these modes of storytelling is blurring and, indeed, maybe within my lifetime, may snap completely.  I, for one, am excited for that day, and am trying to marry one of my stories with an interactive experience that, while it is not a game, is certainly something where navigation of the narrative sits solely in the lap of the person experiencing it.

And to those who would argue against the narrative merit of video games, or even claim that story and video games do not cleanly exist with one another…Please find Mask of the Betrayer and experience it for yourself.  Or, at least, read the playthrough here, where the rich narrative pedigree the game taps into is lovingly and thoroughly examined and discussed.  Seriously, it’s a beautiful analysis.

Anyway, in taking a short break from what I’ve been working on today, I wanted to link just a handful of my favorite video game tracks to have in the background as I write.  I hope they inspire you in every effort made towards creation.

Silent Hill 2’s Promise (Reprise)

Bastion’s A Proper Story

Sith Lords’ Rebuilt Enclave

Planescape: Torment’s Annah’s Theme

Twilight Princess’s Faron Woods

Crystal Chronicle’s Thoroughly Blue

Nier’s Prestigious Mask

Legend of Dragoon’s World Map 2 Theme