Trion and Taming the ArcheAge Firestorm

A delightful day spent at the local arts festival resolves itself into a discussion on a gaming company demolishing its consumer base with such bald-faced incompetency that I swear it must be deliberate, that there’s a group inside Trion that is making bets on how fast they can destroy an MMO.  Tomorrow I’ll have a post about the awesome things I found at the festival, including the contact information for the artists responsible.  I am likely over-thinking things, but I would hate for someone to see a photo of the steampunk anglerfish and want to know how to reach the artist about seeing more of his work or purchasing said-awesome anglerfish and me, being an asshole and not having that information.

So, please, indulge me today with a thought experiment, to devise what can Trion can do, from a public-relations standpoint, to tame the flames.  This is operating under the assumption that all of the consequences are accidental, and with the personal understanding that MMO launches can be exceptionally messy.  Reading my previous entry on Trion’s practices may serve for good background information, but I would highly suggest Christina Eastwood’s exceptional breakdown over the missteps Trion has made over the course of ArcheAge’s release.

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9/3/2014 – How a Company Kills Consumer Enthusiasm

Let’s step back to the distant past, to August 21 and my anticipation for ArcheAge’s Conflict and Conquest beta event.  I made my plans for this event, to roll a character I would never roll on a live server to experience the “other side’s” content, and I would get my character arrested to experience the trial system first-hand, and not arrested for wuss-evil crimes like uprooting plants.  No, it would be for a damn good reason.

In preparation for this, I checked ArcheAge’s forums and opened Pandora’s box for the questionable decisions Trion has made concerning this game.

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8/17/2014 – Her First Impression of ArcheAge

EDIT AS OF 9/3/2014: Please keep this entry in-mind while reading this review.  At this point, I would discourage you from investing in this game and in Trion.  Not because the game is bad, but because of the questionable decisions Trion has made in reaction to widespread account compromises in late August and in regards to their cash shop, which devalues character crafting and cooperation by offering crafting supplies on their cash shop.

ArcheAge’s third closed beta, spiritedly named Blood & Bounty, launched Thursday afternoon and will be ending tomorrow at 1 PM EST.  I’ve had some time to run around in it and form something of an opinion on the beta.  At the very least, I’ve been able to address some of my concerns and decide whether it is an opportunity worth following. My attempts at making my thoughts and reactions coherent are beneath the cut.

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8/16/2014 – Her History with MMOs

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent today prodding at a game beta for something I’m feeling increasing optimism towards, and maybe because I need to decompress after the chaos of this week, but today’s entry is pretty fluff in thoughtfulness and more reflecting on an aspect of my history as an individual who plays video games.  Specifically, as a person playing Massively Multiplayer Online games.

Tucking it under the cut for those who are probably expecting something smarter after yesterday.

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