Rosemary Keegan Aesthetics

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After seeing so many awesome character aesthetic boards, tried my hand at one for Sonata Apostle‘s narrator, Rosemary Keegan. Come November, I’m going to be living in her head.

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9/4/2014 – For Solitude

You never feel quite so blissfully alone in the world as you do when floating in a pool during a weekday afternoon.

Seriously, it’s wonderful.  There’s no one around, no noise but the gush of the pool stream.  It’s like the world’s ended and you’re the last person standing, just listening for some sign of humanity while drifting through the water.  If you know someone who will just let you hang out in their pool, I highly recommend the experience.

Thank goodness for awesome aunts and uncles.

Anyway, wrestling with a headache and sunburn (because natural law states that I cannot be in the sun for more than five minutes without burning somewhere, damn the layers and damn the 70 SPF sunscreen), so keeping it short with little, happy thoughts, and imparting what inspired me today.

8/28/2014 – Mixes

The greatest thing about writing on my own for my own mercurial purposes, beholden only to myself, is that I can push back on doing something for as long as I please.  I guess it’s of the same fetish of powerful folks who want others to tie them up, strip them down, and insult their genitalia.  For over twenty years, I lived up to expectations, exceeded them at times, soaked in “she’s so dependable” and “she’s so responsible” for so long that looking at yesterday’s entry about talking about ArcheAge and Trion today and saying “nah” is titillating.

All right, I have a legitimate reason for that.  I’ve asked a question and, depending on that answer, or whether that answer arrives, will either confirm my suspicions and I can write as I’ve intended, or I will have to reevaluate my thoughts and explore it.  Either way, data incomplete.  To talk about the beta experience and ignore the issues I’ve discovered feels vaguely disingenuous to anyone who may be reading this, perhaps even that I am committing the same sin that I am decrying.

And there’s little more loathsome than a hypocrite.  Especially if it’s without the humor of acknowledging the hypocrisy.

So I will talk about the value of making music mixes.

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8/21/2014 – In Adoration of Sound

I think part of the reason why I cite both video games and literature with equal importance in terms of my development as a writer is because my appreciation of both mediums is in a symbiotic relationship.  That is, literary archetypes and motifs better illuminate my comprehension of the expression of the same structures in a video game.  Likewise, the more sensory elements of video games, most strongly sound, can color one’s internal perception of a story they’re reading, thereby further immersing the reader.  The line between these modes of storytelling is blurring and, indeed, maybe within my lifetime, may snap completely.  I, for one, am excited for that day, and am trying to marry one of my stories with an interactive experience that, while it is not a game, is certainly something where navigation of the narrative sits solely in the lap of the person experiencing it.

And to those who would argue against the narrative merit of video games, or even claim that story and video games do not cleanly exist with one another…Please find Mask of the Betrayer and experience it for yourself.  Or, at least, read the playthrough here, where the rich narrative pedigree the game taps into is lovingly and thoroughly examined and discussed.  Seriously, it’s a beautiful analysis.

Anyway, in taking a short break from what I’ve been working on today, I wanted to link just a handful of my favorite video game tracks to have in the background as I write.  I hope they inspire you in every effort made towards creation.

Silent Hill 2’s Promise (Reprise)

Bastion’s A Proper Story

Sith Lords’ Rebuilt Enclave

Planescape: Torment’s Annah’s Theme

Twilight Princess’s Faron Woods

Crystal Chronicle’s Thoroughly Blue

Nier’s Prestigious Mask

Legend of Dragoon’s World Map 2 Theme